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Return To Herenton

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012

     And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Herenton Egan Lowd 
   Starring: Branch Dante Vincent, Cadence Nicole Coledalay, Phearce Mychal McPhearceson, Regan Central Whitehead, Celestial Allison Lopez, Roman Neal Copeson , Herenton Egan Lowed II,  South Lee Whitehead, North Lee Whitehead, Est West Anderson Whitehead and Regan Central Whitehead, Ctentri Israel Bonai, Tennyson Natali Rus’sell, Ambrey Carson Vincent, Kyler Nicole Duncan…     

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

     Unto Regan Central Whitehead and Phearson Mycal McPhearson was born their first son Herenton Egan Lowd III, their second  son Tyson Dimitri McPhearson and a son Skylar Mycal McPhearson and a daughter Brandy Eriel Whitehead

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy  

     Unto  Herenton Egan Lowd III and Kyefer Berlyn Nollel was born their first son Herenton Egan Lowd IV, a second son Kylpe Elfin Lowd and a daughter Kegan Berlin Nollel             
                                   From The Shepherd ‘s Songs
                                         The Communicator

       THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012
                               BY: APOSTLE P. A. BRADFORD
                                                WR. 1992-1996

Elohim (God ), Begot Adam, Eve And The Woman Seed, Jesus, What He Has Brought Together, Let No Man Put Asunder

     -Originally, Mother Eve wasn't born, like her Husband Adam she was created, mind-bogglingly and heart grippingly by Elohim taking her from him, He ordain them one of another's kind. Successfully, that’s one of another’s blood and flesh, meaning one is totally incomplete, fruitless, unsubstantiated without the other and no force on earth, in heaven, or God's throne would prevail against it.

      -Their hearts, (love affair) lives, treasures separated this dwindling wilderness into a chaotic existence, this adulterer torn from the branch of life and living who hath them both, Elohim. Now for this cause a man is to forsake mother and father and cleave to His own wife and there they shall become a continuous procreation. Herein, this is the realistic marriage of reproductive origin, Elohim spoke, formed and breathed into Adam, now this Eve, now this blessed Woman Seed, see Jesus. Awake! Apb, The RAM, Wr. By: Patricia A Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM),

                                   ...And Noah went Into The Ark...                                         
                                                    Scene VII

      “Mother, I’m here boy, what’s the hast? It’s Rig, Regan? She’s here, here? As a curious one pushing back, out, up of her desk, wondering, hoping nothing was wrong, that Regan had not changed her mine.  “Welcome sweet girl,” that happy to go lucky, loving arms, did she like hoister Regan Central right along, into the house, the sitting area. There Regan seeing immediately that others were present, that an overly friendly Mother Lowd wasn’t alone. "Darius, Your father? Ah no mother, he’s not return, well come, come in, you too Mr. McPhearson, what a surprise, please tell me all things are alright,  …they are. Well we heard from the  Attorneys, so they verified everything was, you know,” as to wipe a single drop just under her eye, and the next,  along a  breath, sniff, to get, set emotions again right.  “Yes, that is why I wanted to talk to you, so you did hear that things went as well as they could have? I did, yes, …may I ask is  Bristol here? I see Darius and Kesane are here, I’ll get her,  ...thanks, …ah, can I get you anything Rig, even Mr. McPhearson as we wait? Water Darius, or juice, even some tea, that would be great, I’ll see, I’ll surely see. The truth is Mrs. Lowd I been having these dreams,” as one easing into a seat, noting husband Phearson just stood behind her, not being comfortable as yet. “I’ve been having them for a while, these wondrous dreams, then wake and couldn’t remember any of them, this frustrating thing.  Though Regan, going under,  yes,” excitedly hesitating as it was the first Mrs. Lowd called her that, even sweet girl, meaning healing was setting in, trust, just as need be.  “Yes, exactly, going under as you said, that changed everything, I now know what it is I see, that it’s Henry, ah, this Henry,” as to gently touch her pregnant belly, all the more getting especially a curious sister Bristol drawing that much closer, attention.  He, Herenton the III, he has a calling on his life similar to that of Noah, I’ve seen his wife, his children,  ...His children? Yes, my grands, and your great grands, I’ve seen them, I even know their names,  ...their names? Did a stun as they all were Bristol come down to a seat next to her,  sitting right across from her mother, her brothers and Phearson, Regan stunner husband standing speechless in the back, so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  I know it's stunning and hard to believe." As with Regan Central as one excitedly sniffing and brushing away nearing tears, again, this elated to say, to describe.  “Ah he’s married, a Kyefer Berlyn and his first son is Henry the 4,th his second son is Kylpe,   …Kylpe? Ah my God, my, his, my Henry’s grand father name is Kylpe, it’s his father’s Middle name.  God as my witness I didn’t know this, I know darling, I know, you are most trustworthy and little Henry daughter? Kegan Berlin,  ….that’s,” swallowing hard this look of awe, even this staggered mentally,  "that’s, it’s my mother’s name, it's my middle name,  …and Rig, mine,  my name is Bristol Kegan and I’ve never told anyone, nor I,  ...oh my god, oh my God, then it all makes sense, …yes, beautiful girl it always does. Well, I believe it’s a blessed assurance that’s to act as reassurance of the sacrifices of tremendous mercy and love we’re all to make. That’s Rig no more or less than father Abraham face with slaughtering his only son to maintain his covenant with, him, with as you say Rig, Elohim.   How astonishing Phearce, if I’m allowed to call you that, yes Darius please, all of you, I only ask for the same mercy and grace loan this special wife of mine, ah ours.  Forgiveness Phearce said, yes, because genuine love is rooted in forgiveness first where you’re to then find all of mankind so very dear and precious to us all, like our father, God, of course. And His, Henry’s Sons,  yes, the lost of one and the gain  ….…no, no, Mrs. Lowrd you didn’t,  Herenton, your Henry repented,   ...what?  With her heart in one grasp, as so this single breath, this blown away at what she was hearing, Herenton’s repentance, “what girl, what? Yes, he was laying on the floor, blood spilling from under his head , his face toward the ceiling, with what appeared to be as heaven on his face and I heard him say,  God, Jesus, forgive me for this madness, Rig please darling, forgive me and I watched him as he ascended.” Easily before she had finished saying, witnessing this beyond miraculous thing, brother Darius was on his knees, brother Kesean speeding to his breaking down mightily  mother,  sister Bristol increased her grip at laying a crying head, face into a crippled with an alike emotional breakdown, Regan Central, all with a husband Phearson all the more astonished by it all.  “Did I miss the party?” A curious father Lowd walked in on them, this worship, this celebration, he didn’t know, seeing all things above. “He repented,”  what? Henry, our Henry, before he took his last breath, Regan heard it, saw it, he ask the Supreme God,  Jesus for forgiveness, you are sure of this? “Yes, just as promised, the child of the faithful will return, I saw it, heard it, I watch him ascend, he even visited lately, forewarn us to be gravely aware of  Alien dangers coming to us from above.”  As one flopped into a seat this astonished, blaming himself for losing his son to such the evil, trying to sleep just one night, that's without imagining Him, his Herenton not crying from the pits of hell this damn thing forever.  “You are sure about this? I didn’t appear here today to tell you any of this, …I can witness to that, at most Regan was to apologize for what happen to Herenton, …yes, for my fault in all of it, …your fault, what fault? None of that matter now, mom, dad, my brothers, even my sister, Rig has brought us all healing. She’s seen your  grandson father, he has a calling on him like a Noah, his wife, children, your great grandchildren, she even father know their names. Is that right? It is father,” as one pointedly raising his communicator as this proof, having captured every dear moment of it, every, “and I have it all right here, I hope Rig you don’t mine, no, that’s perfect Kesane, just perfect.  I know of one prophet whose been seeing a mass  exodus out of this county for decades, even a world of it.”  As one raising, coming to her stand, a now come to his senses Phearson, this lovely help, of soon making this their departing. “Even that the Supreme said of her, doing a visit there, even a divine celebration, “that light like the sun from heaven spoke to her and said, “to let his people go,” like a Moses.  So the call upon little Henry as like Noah make all the sense, though instead of escaping flood waters, he’s to escape a world of stampeding people.  You said prophet, but make reference to a female, she is actually Maaseiah,  …are you at all certain Regan this was little Henry’s call and not our Herenton before the fall, do you see what I’m asking you? Your dreams are referring to disasters happening right now, by the time of my grands and greats married with their own children Messiah will be reigning into His Millennium by then. O My God, I’m not dreaming about the future, I’m dreaming about the past, ok , dad, you Regan both just like lost me, us I guess. I Kesane, the rest of you give you these clues, the mass migration about the world, Col. Gaddafi’s attempts at a Untied States of Africa. How that now as we speak there’s an outbreak of the Damater, surely an outbreak of natural disasters, flood rescues in the land, this breaking of the rainbow covenant by indescribable abominations and the chaotic earth's return. I did hear a voice papa lament a few years back, about five more disasters, like a certain, or timely amount has already happen.  It’s my sons, daughters to explain how none of this is going to wait on little Henry, nor his children, it’s for us to do. I am a Herenton, I have two sons and one daughter. I’m an engineer, you too Darius, I, we know exactly what to do, I have dreams too, I’ve known for years, a ship, a cruise ship. Cleverly, one that transforms into an Ark, that can as well traveled under water, not to avoid floods, but what’s to target us from above, just as our Henry forewarn, I been working on a schematic for years and years.  Ok, am I dreaming this? No my child Regan, you just verified it all,  now I know I’m not the only one crazy around here, no offense, …none taken, I assure you, welcome.   ...We Rig better go, ...ah I don’t want you to go, stay here, live here,  that Mrs. Lowd is so tempting but we have other plans. …Other plans!” Causing her and others to break into a jolly, thinking that was such a Regan Central response, so laughable. “Other plans, ah, I like that, you be safe sweet girl, I will, I’ll call you soon, please do, I love you,” that at a nugget of a kiss to her cheek, seeing them right out the door, of this mesmerizing, beautiful for situation visit.  Even how eventful, indeed, mother, daughter coming to a loving rest on her mother’s shoulder, seeing this amazing  woman depart them. Lovingly, what a wonder, even a wonderful joy it all was, a cursive maze all turn this miracle that only God could've ever medicated. Beware, Awake! Apb, The RAM, see, read more here,} Who Is This King Of Glory, This Son Of David, This Lord Of Host? (Jesus Christ), He Is This King Of Glory...see Psalm 24:10,